Intro2Outro Wins Jumpstart 2018

After a close competition between four Jumpstart contestants at the Western Sydney Small Business Expo 2018, it was Intro2Outro that took home the prize. This video production company showcased their virtual reality technology, set to be a disruptor in the vocational training industry. What prompted them to look into this new technology was the utter dull and uninspiring vocational training available, ultimately instigating low retention rates. The more traditional, standardised training can be difficult to measure, and in many industries, on-the-job training can be full of hazards.

Here enters Intro2Outro with their virtual reality training, providing an engaging, cost effective and captivating training style where mistakes are able to be learnt from in a safe environment. When Education is already a 22.6 billion dollar industry, it is only growing more with the opportunities that virtual reality provides. Presenter and founder of Intro2Outro, Mr Paul King, presented his case at the Western Sydney Small Business Expo; training in theory is only one part of education, however in conjunction with VR, an interactive, hands on approach can bring the practical education to prepare for real situations. The working environment must be closely mimicked in virtual reality to ensure a transfer of knowledge into real environments, and that’s why Intro2Outro is emerging with high recommendation as they also won a silver award for Best VR Design at the LearnX Impact Awards earlier this year.

With their Industry standard RSA scenarios and a customised app under their belt, mentors and judges at WSSBE sensed tremendous success in the near future with Intro2Outro. Moving forward, they hope to see their development strategy kick off towards further hospitality training simulating real experiences, enhance their current creative platform, and they are looking into tracking, assessment and integration with LMS.


Rosehill GardensJames Ruse Drive, Rosehill NSW 2142
Rosehill Gardens James Ruse Drive, Rosehill NSW 2142

Western Sydney Small Business Expo


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